Monday, July 29, 2013


Thanks for the great words Karen and CONGRATS on your WEDDING!!

I am an extremely busy 41 year old mom of 3 little boys, ages 5, 7 and 9.  I have had a passion for weight lifting for 20 years.  I was an aerobics instructor in college when I first began strength training.  I have spent the past 20 years in the hum drum routine of back/bis on Monday, chest/tris on Wednesday and legs/shoulders on Friday with a little running in between … Boring!
Noel completely changed all of this!  The dynamic program she designed for me has been amazing!!  So much more fun and effective than my old routine!  Her knowledge of clean eating has been the most valuable aspect of my program.  Noel has redirected my “get fit quick” mentality into coaching that being lean and fit is definitely a gradual progression and a lifestyle.  Noel and I have known each other for a long time and she has been an phenomenal instructor and friend during our training time together.  She has completely changed my thought process.  
My goal with Noel was just to lean up a bit.  I have been very pleased with my progress.  I would absolutely love to step on a stage and figure compete one day … we’ll see!


Bridgett did a great job building.  She has liked the heavy weights so much that she is waiting to diet down for a show!  Here are progress shots during her building phase.  Thanks for the testimonial!


 When I came to Noel, I was in pretty good physical shape. It was the terrible preps that I had experienced which led to my development of disordered eating. I had a couple of coaches that did not pay attention to what my body can do and how it functions. Per usual in this industry I was given a low or zero carb diet. Well, I dropped weight quickly on these diets. I also picked up a bad habit of overeating and bingeing on the weekends. I would typically follow my diet to the letter from Monday morning until Friday evening. After work on Fridays until Sunday night, I ate whatever I wanted. I did not care. I just ate until my weight was usually up 10 to 15 pounds. Once the contests were over, I made a good effort to follow a nutrition plan on my own and I was fairly successful however the weekend episodes were still there to a lessor extent. After 2 months of trying to find “normal” on my own, one of the gals from suggested that I give Noel a try. My goals were basically to fill out my frame a bit and possibly prep for a show. I knew the genetics were there to do well on stage but it became more than about the stage for me. This was a fight to get back to my normal patterns of healthy eating. I also just wanted to love my body and recognize the wonderful things that it can do when fueled properly. I am no longer associating my weekends with out of control eating behaviors. Instead, everyday is just a day to be healthy and fit. I am so balanced in this area of my life. It’s totally not a struggle to eat well and indulge occasionally. I am really grateful for my time with Noel and if I ever decide to prep for a show, I would contact her in a heartbeat. She is the first coach that I have worked with that truly cares about the health of her clients. 



I already showed you the great results that Wendell got HERE .  Here is his wife, Angela, who is still fighting thyroid issues and trying to get her meds right but she dropped over 26 inches during our time together.


Noel and I became friends because our daughters are in school together and are great friends.  I’ve always admired what Noel does and really enjoyed her friendship.  I’ve always been into fitness and eating healthy but no matter how hard I worked, I could not lose those 15 stubborn pounds.  I felt like I was working so hard, but could never see the results.  I’d often thought that I’d like to see what Noel could do to help me.  And one day, my husband, who’s also friends with Noel, said, “I think I’m going to talk to Noel to see if she can help me with a few things.”  That’s all he needed to say because I said, “me too”.  I always knew that if we could do it together, we’d have a much higher success rate at staying with the program.  I really need the accountability from Noel, someone who I’d know I’d have to face if I didn’t stay with the program.
From day one, Noel was great about customizing the nutritional plan to include foods that we liked that were simple to prepare and food we wouldn’t get sick of.  It became a routine and we started to realize early on that we would not be hungry because there was so much to eat.  We became very focused and disciplined about what we ate and we cut out all of the junk and focused on eating whole foods. 
The results were amazing and the feedback we got from friends and family was addictive.  We wanted to keep going.  My husband and I both enjoy working out and going to the gym.  Since April 1, 2012, I only missed 1 workout.  I work out 6 days a week and if I have a busy travel day or a busy soccer day with the kids, I make up the workout on Sunday (my day off) or do a 2nd workout during the week.
Noel tells me she’d rather I miss a workout than cheat on the nutritional plan and that 90% of the results come from sticking to the nutritional program.  It takes a lot of discipline, especially when you have very busy schedules, but the results are what keep you disciplined.
With Noel, it’s more than just fitness and nutrition.  She truly cares about her clients.  I had some blood work done that resulted in some thyroid concerns.  She was very quick to provide me a third party reference who had been through a similar diagnosis.  Noel truly wanted to make sure I knew all of the facts around these health issues and to make sure that I asked all the right questions of my doctor.  In my opinion, she went above and beyond with how much she shows she cares. 
I would strongly recommend Noel to my friends and relatives and both my husband and I have already given Noel’s name to several friends who are excited about our results.  This had been a true lifestyle change for us, one that we’ll take with us from here on out and one that will help us continue to shape and mold our children’s lifestyles.

Turning 50!!

Not only is this person a client but I can also call him a friend.  Our daughter’s have been going to school together for years and we see each other at the soccer field with our girls, who are also best friends!  Wendell and Angela both came to me last year because they were ready to make some changes and wanted to do it TOGETHER.  Wendell was about to turn the big 5-0!  He just wanted to drop a little body fat and get back to a better physique before the big day.  I will tell you he was all in.  No turning back.  His changes were noticeable quickly.  The fun part was that his kids were all over him about it.  And they were really fun to watch as he (and Angela) changed.  They were so excited! Almost as excited for them as I am!
Wendall dropped 18lbs and 16 1/2 inches.  Congrats!!!



I was a 49 year old athletic man getting ready to reach the milestone age of 50 years old.  I wanted to change my body shape and look.  I was 6’2” and 207 pounds but my body was not as muscular or in shape as I wanted.  I was familiar with being in the gym and working out so I felt all I needed was a plan.  After consulting with Noel about what I wanted to accomplish she developed my nutrition and fitness training plans and off we went.  Noel classified my goal as “wanting the beach body.”  It is easier to believe in someone that looks like they have sacrificed and benefited.  Noel is a walking billboard for the fitness knowledge she has and the services she provides.  Noel is supportive and has a great sense of humor which keeps her clients at ease.  I trained hard and ate the right foods.  Each week I saw significant gains.  After 5 months I reached my goal of 190 pounds.  I have the “beach body” that I wanted. With my new look I have newfound confidence.    Thanks Noel.  You are FANTASTIC!


This one comes from Deb, a client that was really determined to change her lifestyle.  And from our communication this also changed her hubby’s!  You have to love how it bleeds into our loved ones.  She started this process earlier this year and just kept going.  She looks AMAZING. I hear so many reasons why someone can’t lose weight…from being a mom with no time or being older with a slower metabolism.  So I love when clients step up to plate and prove everyone wrong.  Great job Deb you look so awesome!
I am a 57 year old woman, who loves challenges! I love to work out. I’ve tried everything and succeeded at it, but never got the results I wanted! I was told of Noel and had seen the results of someone else! So I gave it a try! Noel was the best, she worked with me and my needs of my nutrition and workout program! It was great knowing she was there to cheer me on! Her program is not like any other, she’s there to help you to learn to make the right choices and if you mess up, she’s there to lead you in the right direction! She’s the best! Thanks- Noel




Here is another good one!
It’s quite the Cinderella story for me. The word “diet” being the evil stepmother, all the “different diets” being the evil step sisters, Noel being my fairy godmother, and my perfect fit glass slipper, was my personalized plan.
I wasn’t over weight, but I wasn’t happy with the person I saw in the mirror every day. That reflection wasn’t complimenting the woman on the inside. Just like anyone that has tried a diet, I go in with such a positive out look and end with disappointment and being even harder on myself. Failure isn’t something one takes easily. You’re left wondering why you can’t succeed. That’s where my “fairy godmother” Noel came in. She has given me a new outlook on diets, healthy living, life, and myself. Noel taught me that not every diet is created equally. All the diets I continued to fail at, weren’t created for me and that’s why I couldn’t succeed. What I thought was healthy and good for me necessarily wasn’t. She got to know me, what I wanted out of the program, what foods I liked, and my every day life style and activities. She designed me the perfect plan “my glass slipper” that was just for me. My favorite part, I was eating normal foods I ate every day and foods i enjoyed eating. Not foods that came out of a can or frozen box. She took the worry out of the whole diet. Unlike every other diet I’ve been on, I started seeing results in the first week. In 3 months I was absolutely amazed  how different I felt and looked. The problem areas are gone completely. I have more energy throughout the day, sleep better at night, my skins healthier, and I have more strength and endurance during my workouts. I’m not the only one that see’s the difference in my body and self esteem, I get complements all the time now.  More importantly I feel so much better about myself. Noel has completely changed my life and has passed along knowledge that I can use every day to make better choices in life and keep myself healthy. Working with her is by far the best decision I’ve ever made. I am extremely happy with the results.
Kelli was tiny to begin with….but her changes are definitely still pretty dramatic. I think that what I was most happy with was seeing things like-much healthier eating, better sleep, better skin, more confidence….because she already had a beautiful body!


 elli dropped 8lbs total but lost 13.1 inches!

Here is a recent shot of her and Brian (another MFC client) on their recent vacation!  Brian’s changes will be posted hopefully later this year–he has made some amazing drops as well!!



Fitness isn’t new to Jenn.  I was excited that I was going to finally get to work with her after “knowing” her for so long.  I knew she would be one of those easy clients that just needed a little push in the right direction and a little accountability.  She and her husband both signed up with me and were both very successful! I told her that it looks like she got a butt lift! She looks great!  Now if I can get Chris to let me post up HIS pics!!!!

I met Noel many years ago on a fitness forum I was a part of and later I personally met her at a figure competition here in Atlanta, GA.  I have always been a fan of Noel and her work ethic in regards to her own physique, parenting and overall life management. 
   When it came time for me to seek out accountability and direction for my physique goals she seemed a logical choice for me. Not only is she local but she is female and I wanted a female perspective this time around.  She has not let me down in her professional knowledge, care and compassion as I have struggled to lose the added weight I had put on.  It was a little slower than I had planned but Noel was very helpful and encouraging along the way.  I can say that I met my goal and will continue being accountable to myself and my family for our health and well being. 

   I would have to say the best part of working with Noel was my husband working with her as well. I have seen a change in his mentality towards health and fitness and I believe that has been the single best part of the experience. We are now doing health as a family and not just me. I pray that with this new mentality it will be easier for me to meet and exceed my physique and fitness goals. Thanks Noel! 
 If I need accountability, Maximum Fitness will be my “GO TO”.